Jufelhurst School

Kandawala Road, Soldier Bazar, Karachi 5.    Phone  (00- 92-21) 9215496 

Head Mistress (Morning School) :  Mrs. Hameeda Ismail                        Head Master (Afternoon School) :  Mr. Qaiser Zarif

The present Jufelhurst Government School started off many years ago as the Jufelhurst Girls School.  It then became co-educational and was called Jufelhurst High School.  It was set up as an extension of the lovely house of Miss D'Abreo who was a dedicated educationalist and spent all her life in the cause of giving an excellent education to the students of Jufelhurst High School. 

She had a group of very devoted teachers who were much loved and adored by their students.  The school was established as a private enterprise but with a reasonable fee.  The teachers were of all backgrounds and nationalities but all absolutely dedicated.  The medium of education was English and the standards very high. 

The schools grounds were set in a garden environment with Tamarind, Mango, Indian Cherry and Cheeko trees.  The gardeners were kept busy looking after the plants and chasing away the children from ruining their hard work.

Miss. D'Abreo was very fond of keeping dogs and when I was at the school she had two.  Both of them quite lively small dogs.

The Pakistan Government nationalised the school, and today more than half the school is in ruins.  Miss. D'Abreo's house and office and most of the older buildings are magnificent, attractive ruins and the present day teaching staff are bravely carrying on the job of educating the children in these very difficult conditions.

This site is to try and bring together the alumni of Jufelhurst so that they can help the school as much as they can.

If you have any old pictures, please send them to the email address below for inclusion in this site.  One old picture of the Class of 1964 is included here.

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I have attached correspondence  from some of our Alumni            

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Letter from Mr Michael Joseph
Letter from Shaikh Abdul Khaliq
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The School Front

This is now the main building left. This part of the school was previously used for the Senior classes and part of it was used as the Staff Room.

Miss D'Abreo's House

The name plate of Miss D'Abreo still sits outside her front door. This is both a tribute to the founder and to the present Heads who have kept this plate in its place.

Preasent Head Teachers.

Head Master Mr. Qaiser Zarif of the Afternoon School and Head Mistress Mrs. Hameeda Ismail of the Morning School.

School Board

School Board

Another view of the main school building.

Derelict building.

Classes were held in this building, the ground floor of this building was used for the school Wash Rooms, Garage for the Principal's beautiful open top car and rest rooms for the school guards.

Miss. D'Abreo's House and Office

This building was the house of Miss D'Abreo, her office, and the school office. It is still covered by a magnificent Bougainvilla Creeper, a leftover from the lovely gardens which were maintained by Miss D'Abreo's gardeners.

Miss D'Abreo's offices and house.

This building is now unused and in ruins, but still exceedingly beautiful.

Miss D'Abreo's house.

Way to the house.

A fountain.

This fountain was at one time active and a lovely site on hot days. Now it is dry and desolate.

School annexe.

These classes were built on grounds acquired by Miss D'Abreo to house the increasing number of students. It was built in the 1950's.

Miss. D'Abreo's house.

Main building.

This is the side view of the main building and is as was always shadowed by a huge Tamarind Tree.

Inside view of the house from a window.

Antique window grills on the house.

Back view of Miss D'Abreos house.

Dividing walls, now partly broken.



These desks should be familiar toall students of Jufelhurst. Not much has changed her.


View of the outside of the school.


Main building

Young student.

The school uniform has not changed over the years. The nice thing is that students are still smartly turned out.


School function in progress

Outside of the school.

Outside the school.

Flats opposite the school.

These flats have replaced beautiful bungalows which in the past had huge fruit trees of all kinds.